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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Forge Ahead Arts is dedicated to community building through the arts. We are committed to fostering socially conscious art and nurturing cultural equity through artistic participation, appreciation, and expression in our community. We acknowledge that unequal access to the arts presents a barrier to the positive community building effects of cultural participation, and consequently our program has been built on the premise that equal access must be a central concern in the development of all our projects.

In order to promote maximum access and stimulate participation throughout the community, Forge Ahead Arts projects are produced and presented in a variety of public spaces and free of charge to the public. Participation by artists and community members of all ages, genders and ethnicities is sought out and encouraged as we strive to raise up the many diverse voices present in the Santa Clarita Valley and the broader Los Angeles County.

We acknowledge that the United States history and culture plays a major role in the issue of equitable access to artistic consumption and production. We will hold ourselves accountable by implementing an annual review of our projects and practices. We will seek out ways that we can better serve under-represented populations within Santa Clarita. This may include, but is not limited to partnerships with other social and cultural organizations, promotion of work by local artists from under-represented groups, and ways to circumvent language barriers.

Forge Ahead Arts is committed to a world in which art and artists of all backgrounds are recognized as an integral part of evolving culture. We believe that building a diverse coalition of artistic voices and providing equitable access to arts and culture is essential to the health and well being of our community. The Santa Clarita Valley is full of vibrant cultural perspectives and we will continue to value new insights, creative collaborations, and diverse human experiences.