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FORGE AHEAD ARTS is a non-profit arts organization located in Santa Clarita, California.


Stephanie O'Connor
Stephanie O’Connor

Originally trained as a theater artist in New York and Los Angeles, Stephanie has a passion for bringing relevant, contemporary art of all disciplines to the Santa Clarita Valley. This passion, led her to pursue a Master of Arts in Arts Management at Claremont Graduate University, where she applied much of her practical course work to the cultural landscape and needs of the Santa Clarita community. Stephanie is committed to the belief that creative expression is vital to the human soul and the life blood of a community. As Executive Director of Forge Ahead Arts, Stephanie is proud to promote the work of local artists, while exploring her own artistic voice through new projects and disciplines.

Moire Lendering

At the age eight Moire felt she had reached the pinnacle of her drawing skills. Yes. Now she could draw the male figure. The sheer excitement of this accomplishment was pure and radiant. Certainty and being eight last only one year. Yet the intensity of creating art and wanting to share and expand it is what motivates Moire to teach art to a wide range of students and to realize the vision of building a vital art community through Forge Ahead Arts. Studying fine art in the Netherlands then later in the United States has broadened her skills to include 3-D art and installations, many of them collaborative.


Martha Wilcox

Martha is compelled by the need to examine and push past cultural and personal limitations - into the realm of expanded possibilities. In her personal multimedia art practice, she reconsiders ideas without the filter of comfortable assumptions. She hopes to draw as many viewers as possible into these discussions with public artworks, installations and in her collaborations with Forge Ahead Arts. She has a BFA degree in sculpture from CSULB and has studied at California College of the Arts in the graduate program. Currently operating in Santa Clarita, Martha has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco and San Diego.

Diana Kado

Diana joined Forge Ahead Arts in 2016 with her installation of Barriers. She earned her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design where she painted, sculpted, explored photography and created kinetic pieces and video installations. Currently based in Santa Clarita, she has shown locally and in Sacramento and Los Angeles. She is interested in giving others a voice and visually representing the present landscape of human experience.


Sue Gordon

Sue is a long time resident of Santa Clarita, having lived here for 34 years. She worked in accounting for 26 years and raised two children in Santa Clarita. Sue feels being on the board of Forge Ahead Arts is a good opportunity to give back to a local organization.


Jade Aubuchon
Jade Aubuchon

Jade has spent most of her life involved in the performing arts. As a ballroom dancer, she has performed for dozens of charitable events in and around the Santa Clarita Valley, assisting in fundraising and program awareness through ambassadorship and volunteer efforts. She studied Marketing and English at College of the Canyons, allowing her to combine her natural talent for storytelling with a passion for giving back to the community through outreach efforts. She was placed in contact with Forge Ahead Arts through the City of Santa Clarita Creative Connections program.


Marie Boys
Marie Boys

Marie joined Forge Ahead Arts in 2019 with the hopes of assisting the organization promote their work in the Santa Clarita community. Marie is currently finishing up a dual Master’s program at Claremont Graduate University, with both a MA in Arts Management and a MS in Information, Systems and Technology, and she is infinitely curious about the intersection of technology and art. With specializations in metadata management, CRMs, and blockchain technology, Marie separately expresses her artistic creativity through photography, graphic design, and creative writing.


Ann Mukherjee
Ann Mukherjee

As a lifelong artistic innovator, Ann drove her mother crazy doing things like mixing up two games to make a new one or mixing together all of her art and craft kits to come up with new ways to create her unique visions. She embodies that spirit still, playing with new media and old, and pushing them into new territories. She mixes media of all types but has a special fondness for fiber arts. She has spent the last 30 years serving others with therapeutic massage and energy work, feeling her best when the practices of art and healing are balanced in her life. She is deeply grateful for and loves working with Forge Ahead Arts, bringing artistic opportunities to our community, and helping children of all ages to remember the joy of creating.

Susan Diviak
Susan Diviak

A dancer at heart, Susan grew up in the world of ballet and has explored many aspects of dance. She has performed in the L.A. area and traveled to Europe. As a performer, she has naturally progressed into the theatre world and has a BA in theatre Arts. Dance and theatre have influenced her art works of today, with Forge Ahead Arts.

Alex Bozman
Alex Bozman

Alex Bozman isn't the kind of person who only does one thing. As a professional musician, he composes, arranges, plays the cello, and teaches music. He seeks the fascinating rather than alignment with any particular niche or ideology. In addition to classical music, he plays Latin music on cello, bass, and some traditional instruments, and he studies Hindustani classical music. He holds a BA in Music & Mathematics from UC Berkeley, and an MFA as a Performer/Composer from CalArts. Apart from music, Alex is also the founder and CEO of a software studio that produces educational games. You can enjoy Alex's artwork, animation, and musical performances while playing the math game Bubbly Primes.