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FORGE AHEAD ARTS is a non-profit arts organization located in Santa Clarita, California.


Stephanie O'Connor
Stephanie O’Connor

Originally trained as a theater artist in New York and Los Angeles, Stephanie has a passion for bringing relevant, contemporary art of all disciplines to the Santa Clarita Valley. This passion, led her to pursue a Master of Arts in Arts Management at Claremont Graduate University, where she applied much of her practical course work to the cultural landscape and needs of the Santa Clarita community. Stephanie is committed to the belief that creative expression is vital to the human soul and the life blood of a community. As Executive Director of Forge Ahead Arts, Stephanie is proud to promote the work of local artists, while exploring her own artistic voice through new projects and disciplines.

Moire Lendering

At the age eight Moire felt she had reached the pinnacle of her drawing skills. Yes. Now she could draw the male figure. The sheer excitement of this accomplishment was pure and radiant. Certainty and being eight last only one year. Yet the intensity of creating art and wanting to share and expand it is what motivates Moire to teach art to a wide range of students and to realize the vision of building a vital art community through Forge Ahead Arts. Studying fine art in the Netherlands then later in the United States has broadened her skills to include 3-D art and installations, many of them collaborative.


Martha Wilcox

Martha is compelled by the need to examine and push past cultural and personal limitations - into the realm of expanded possibilities. In her personal multimedia art practice, she reconsiders ideas without the filter of comfortable assumptions. She hopes to draw as many viewers as possible into these discussions with public artworks, installations and in her collaborations with Forge Ahead Arts. She has a BFA degree in sculpture from CSULB and has studied at California College of the Arts in the graduate program. Currently operating in Santa Clarita, Martha has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco and San Diego.